Game-Hoodmorning (No Typo): Candy Coronas [Mixtape]

Game’s taken a lot of criticism lately, and not for unfound reasons; his Purp and Patron mixtape was weak, his Uncle Otis and Drug Test tracks perhaps ill conceived, general beat selection shoddy. I could go on.

All of the above reasons are good enough to justify people not bothering with this mixtape, but I think that would be a mistake. The stuff he’s been coming out with lately hasn’t all been bad, Pot Of Gold and Red Nation were both excellent in my book, and with this mixtape he seems to have taken heed of the criticism directed at the production on the Purp and Patron mixtape and stepped up considerably in that regard. Undoubtedly, Game on good beats is a completely different animal, and his more long-term fans will really like this. His long-awaited fourth LP is out in a few weeks too and, on the basis of this mixtape, it could actually be up to the high standards of his previous albums.

You can download it and check out the tracklisting over here.

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