Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32 & Devlin - You Need Me, I Don't Need You Remix

The original version was back on the EP of the same name, a remixed version was released recently as part of Ed’s upcoming debut LP, and now a new remix has surfaced with two of the UK’s finest upcoming rappers.

Ed Sheeran’s ability as a vocalist needs no introduction, but alongside these hip-hop heavyweights, he demonstrates that he’s actually pretty handy with the rapping himself with an enjoyable opening verse. The production is ideal for a speedy flow, and that’s exactly what Ed brings here with a delivery that would certainly make most rappers proud. Wretch follows up with a solid verse of his own, with his laidback style blending nicely with the busy beat, and the lineup is complete with Devlin’s verse, bringing a quick, aggressive style that contrasts nicely with Wretch’s verse and certainly stands out as the match-winning verse.

Throughout the verses the video is mostly comprised of studio footage, which works well for Devlin’s verse in particular as it enhances the intense rhymes, whilst the hook reverts to live footage of Ed’s shows, adding a little bit of diversity. Certainly worth a watch and listen, and the audio can be pre-ordered here.

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