Common and Nas-Ghetto Dreams Video

From Common’s upcoming The Dreamer, The Believer album, I’m still giving this track some regular rotation, and I’m glad they’ve capitalised on this delicious slice of hip-hop with some solid visuals.

Kicking off with a heavily-bearded Common (yes, more than usual!) and Nas quite literally slipping away into a dream, the video then descends into a busy, monochromatic video with lots of focus on the two legends. Nothing overly complicated, and no unnecessary addtions: we’re treated a visualisation of the lyrics in the form of a leading lady and lots of rapping, and hence the video is rightfully efficient, keeping the focus on the raps and that ear-shattering percussion.

A cool, easygoing video from two of the most talented rappers to ever grace the game. For some very bizarre reason, the audio isn’t on UK iTunes or Amazon, but we’ll keep you posted on that.

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