Chima Anya-Riot Cleanup Fundraiser [Event]

Given the devastation caused by the recent riots here in England it’s safe to say a lot needs to be done in order to rebuild our communities. Chima Anya himself is doing his bit, as you can read from his bulletin below:

“Greetings one and all, I hope this bulletin finds you all well. Given the current climate I’m now deferring my mixtape release and the celebrations planned for Fat Gold Chain’s anniversary to focus on trying to help with this current messed up situation we are facing in the UK with these riots.

The event originally planned as the 1 Year anniversary party will now serve as a fund raiser for local businesses affected by the irresponsible acts we have seen through out the UK in the recent weeks. All proceeds will be donated to charity. The line up remains the same, myself and JHC, and DJs but we will really be trying to get people involved in looking for a positive solution to this problem because I’m tired of all this empty talk on Facebook/ twitter.”

Check out the video on the left to see the promo for this event!

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