Cherri Prince-Just Wondering Video

Hailing from the Honour76 camp that has already delivered rising hip-hop prodigy Mangaliso Asi, Cherri Prince drops off her second single from her upcoming project (the first, Misery, is here).

Just Wondering offers a mellow, easy-listening experience and stylistic consistency with the aforementioned Misery in its vintage soul sensibilities. Its own distinctivity is delivered via a softer production that intertwines gently and consistently with the vocals, drawing upon funk-driven guitar and soothing synth work for a warm slice of chillout soul. The vocals are versatile and of great quality, alternating between a whispery calm and more authoritative, emotional tones, bound together with a refined quality that belies Cherri’s current status as an upcomer.

The video is a solid fit for the audio, with bright summer scenes alongside lots of colourful, natural scenery making for a simple and effective complement to the easygoing audio. Certainly worth a watch and listen, and we’ll keep you informed on the status of that upcoming project.

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