Calez-Middle Finger [Video]

I’ve been meaning to get this up for the last couple of days as new kid on the block Calez is starting to generate some buzz by not getting any buzz. Wait. What?

Calez dropped a mixtape a few months back entitled Is Calez Famous Yet? but was disappointed (as I’m sure most are) with the lack of support from the blogs. He recorded and shot this in response. Normally I would shun this kind of thing out of pure principle, but the music is very good. This joint is like something straight out of the early ’90s and I’ve read bloggers likening it to that of the Native Tongue’s collective which I can see.

My advice is much the same as my counterparts which is just keep putting out good material and be patient. The cream always rises to the top eventually.

For now, you can finally get hold of Calez’ mixtape here.

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