Blink-182-Hearts All Gone and Neighborhoods Artwork

There were many that weren’t totally won over by the first release from Blink-182′s upcoming Neighborhoods album (the artwork is quite clearly to the left), and whilst I wasn’t one of those folk, the departure from their previous sounds was inevitably going to lead to such divisions in their fanbase. Back in 2003, many weren’t totally convinced by their ‘final’/previous album for identical reasons.

This song however will win over anyone with lingering doubts from either project, heralding a return to the fast-paced, energetic music with the unmistakeable boyish charm that characterised the majority of their back catalogue and epitomised 90′s and early 00′s punk music. Lyrically however, it feels considerably more mature that previous works, with a relatively bittersweet message atop the frenetic instrumental work, throwing in a welcome influence of the +44 style. With it being such a radical stylistic departure from Up All Night, thoughts naturally linger towards understanding the direction of the album, though admittedly the unpredictability is welcomed and I hope to see further shows of diversity ahead of that September 27th release date.

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