Asher Roth-Ampersand

There’s not been a great deal to dislike about Asher’s output in the last 12 months. He’s picked considerably more ‘hip-hop’ productions and has really proven his versatility as a rapper, moving away from the mainstream stylings of his debut album into that murky middle-ground of fairly traditional beats and stronger rhymes.

The production here has a more soulful vibe than almost anything he’s previously worked on, with a wistful vocal sample (Al Green’s Simply Beautiful, for those interested) wrapped around mellow percussion for a relaxed beat of great quality from Blended Babies. Asher takes the track on with some slick mic work, foregoing the easy option of a slower flow and adopting a quicker, slightly offbeat delivery with some nice flashes of introspection in the lyricism. Nothing to complain about here: this is an easy, enjoyable listen that most hip-hop fans should thoroughly enjoy.

Asher Roth-Ampersand

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