Angels & Airwaves-Anxiety Video

Fresh off the back of releasing visuals with Blink-182, Tom DeLonge shows no signs of slowing down with his latest video as part of Angels & Airwaves, and the first single from their upcoming album Love Part 2.

The track opens with the trademark delayed guitars so prominent on their first two albums, whilst the heavier guitar work found on Love comes to the fore soon after. A noticeable addition is the strong work on the keys that gives the track a heavy Coldplay vibe, making for a more mainstream-friendly sound and still fitting snugly into their ethereal style.

The video is undoubtedly one of their more spectacular visual efforts, with bright, powerful lights surrounding the band in an otherwise dark environment, as they’re backed by images of war and space, both of which also make up engaging scenes interspersed between the band’s performance shots. It’s generally a nice representation of the audio, with the harder, spikier guitar work visualised in the grittier war images, whilst the celestial nature of their music is encapsulated by the various galactic sights. Enjoyable audio-visual combination, and I’m looking forward to more ahead of that 11.11.11 album release date.

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