Aloe Blacc-Tonight Downtown

Smooth vintage vibes from soul’s current poster boy, as Aloe Blacc drops off some fresh new material in collaboration with gin manufacturers Tanqueray (and may I say, they’re doing a damn fine job).

As retro sounding as anything he’s put out to date, the instrumental work is lusciously put together, with a sharp percussion beat combining with soft key work and funky bass work to drive the track along in the verses, being later accompanied by a blaring horn section to energise the hook. Solid work from Aloe on the vocals, keeping things relatively simple and extremely catchy, and certainly capturing that classic soul vibe from start to finish.

Dim, dark and dusty describes the video fairly accurately, with Aloe and his band performing the club in isolation, giving the track a freestyle jam-like feel that further enhances the vintage vibes. Audio can be grabbed for free, courtesy of Tanqueray.

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