Taking Back Sunday-Faith (When I Let You Down) Video

Finally, there’s an official music video (Rather than video with music) released from Taking Back Sunday’s self-titled fifth album.

The comedic video focuses on a disturbingly large cat (OMGWTFTBSCat) that manages become a YouTube sensation, obtaining over 80 million views. Unfortunately, this new found fame goes straight to OMGWTFTBSCat’s head, who begins to alienate his old friends and fans alike whilst delving into the seedy world of porn and catnip as he tries to recapture the fame and stature he once had.

It appears as though OMGWTFTBSCat is actually a reflection of Taking Back Sunday’s (or more specifically, Adam Lazzara’s) rise to fame and the much publicised events of in-fighting, departures and returns. A strong hint towards this idea is the band’s new motto, that “Sometimes it takes sometime to remember where you were headed in the first place and the people you intended to go there with. There’s no hard feelings, just the future”.

While there are moments in the video that are genuinely funny (such as Shaun Cooper’s letter to the cat at 2:18mins in), much of the humour feels forced and laboured but that doesn’t stop the video from being an enjoyable watch that fits the message of the song well. Oh, and you can follow OMGWTFTBSCat on Twitter at @OMGWTFTBSCat.

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