Skylar Grey-Dance Without You Video

An edgy, off-beat sort of video that suits the audio for Skylar’s buzz single perfectly. The track had aggressive lashings of alternative and rock flavours, with that vibe being visualised nicely with an almost demented ‘character’ being played by Skylar throughout.

There are clear horror movie influences here, with influences of The Ring and The Exorcist being quite prominent, leading to the unsettling visualisation of ‘letting the inner me out’, and culminating with the more recognisable Skylar Grey breaking out and taking over towards the end. The metaphor is plain for all to see: she bided her time in a reclusive, mysterious shell, all the while developing herself and as a result has now broken out as her own artist. Still not totally convinced about the song itself, but the video is solid and is worth a watch.

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