R&B Fridays: Episode 110

A nice mixture of soul tracks and R&B stuff in this week’s episode, all from acts everyone should be familiar with.

No posts of note to recap on from the week gone by, though there are a few news bites, particularly Chris Brown’s announcement of a hip-hop mixtape to be released soon, and Drake confirming the first official single from Take Care is set to drop any day now.

In the meantime, click below for this week’s scheduled programming.

Anthony Hamilton-You
-A positive, bright start to this week’s episode with a feelgood soul jam from the veteran Anthony Hamilton. Real bouncy vibes emanating from this production, with a medley of instruments from violins to funky guitars combining well and providing Anthony’s smooth harmonies with able backup. Very memorable hook tops this one off, and this is certainly one for those summer playlists.

One Chance-Soft Spoken
-A welcome return to form for the once-promising One Chance (there’s still time!), coming through with a solid slow jam that has more than a hint of Jagged Edge about it. Soft key-driven melodies anchor the production, whilst the boys take turns to lace the beat with decent vocal work, culminating in a catchy hook that adds a touch of energy to this bit of bedroom music.

Melanie Fiona-Like I Love You
-Sounds like it was recorded live, and it wouldn’t surprise me with the quality Melanie has in her voice. The live instrumentation really adds to the intensity and emotion of the lyrics/vocals, and hence Fiona doesn’t need to reach those upper echelons with her voice, instead coming on a more mellow tip and allowing the band to do their work. Nice blend of soul with a reggae vibe, and this is certainly worth a listen.

Chris Brown-Private Dancer ft. Kevin McCall
-Amidst the glut of hip-hop tracks Chris is (sadly) putting out, this little R&B nugget thankfully emerged. It’s nothing spectacular, and in truth it suffers badly from creating little distinguishability between the hook and the verse, but will surely make for a refreshing listen to those who’ve been bombarded with his recent rapped material.

Anthony Hamilton-Why O Why
-Closing up with another superb effort from Hamilton. Coming on a slower, more storytelling style, Anthony brings an enjoyable diversity of emotions and deliveries on this soft guitar-based production, anchored by a simple, almost moany hook that makes for a nice contrast with the more detailed verses.

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