R&B Fridays: Episode 109

He’s not in the episode, but I saw this picture and just had to use it. R. Kelly looks so content there doesn’t he?  You just know he’s not wearing any trousers either.

No recap or unnecessary additional bluster up here today. We’ve got a slightly longer episode this week thanks to a range of solid content, with a decent mix of acts stepping up to the plate.

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The-Dream-Space Love
-Quite an odd one this. The extremely offbeat, minimal production will certainly catch you off-guard, made up primarily of bleeps and bloops with light lashings of drum riffs thrown in sporadically, and a booming synth pushing its way in for the hook. Not a long track, but something very experimental and worth a few listens.

Sterling Simms-Mary Jane and Cabernet (Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay Remix) ft. Three
-Absolutely love the original Big Sean track (the best track on his debut album by far for me), and it’s good to finally get someone attempting a remix. Sterling does a superb job on the hook, largely sticking with the lyrics of the original with one or two small tweaks (mostly including the track title), suggesting he could have comfortably slotted in on the hook for the original. Verses aren’t on the level of the original, but definitely worth listening to for the refixed hook.

Joe-Pull My Hair
-Smoothed out bedroom music from the veteran vocalist here. A textbook old-school slow jam, with a thumping percussion alongside light keys setting the mood with a little vigour, whilst a wailing guitar spices up the hook with some intensity and enhances that retro flavour. Good vocal work as expected, and this is certainly a good piece of R&B from Joe.

Jhene Aiko-Do Better Blues Pt. 2 (Marvin’s Room)
-If I had to pick 5 female vocalists I want to tackle Marvin’s Room, Jhene would certainly be a part of it. Her own material has similarities with Drake’s more atmospheric work, and hence she’s a great fit on this production with mellow, relaxing vocals that work well with the mood created by the synth work. Probably not on par with JoJo’s superb remix, but certainly a good effort.

Casely-Fly or Fall ft. Alfa
-Ramping things up considerably with a high-octane, uptempo effort from Casely. The track immediately burst into life with blaring melodies and speedy drum work, continuing forward with lots of intensity and energy created by Casely’s vocals. Catchy work on the hook, and this is one that could really take off in clubs if given the right exposure.

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