Raphael Saadiq-Movin' Down The Line (Don't You Go Away) Video

Something to further brighten this lovely summer day, Raphael Saadiq comes through with visuals for the latest single from his superb Stone Rollin’ album.

Blending together live footage with more personal scenes, the video has a candid, almost ‘day in the life’ feel that makes for a realistic, relatable and ultimately enjoyable video from start to finish. The contrast (and blend) of tender moments with his significant other and crowd-pleasing stage performances captures the essence of the audio very well, with the upbeat and energetic nature of the production visualised in the lively, vivid performance scenes, whilst the more intimate lyricism is represented effectively in the homely moments.

Top all-round package, be sure to grab that album on iTunes now. It seems to be on offer for only £4.99 too, so unless you’re living quite far below the bread line, you’ve really got no excuse to not get it.

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