Modestep-Sunlight Video

Fierce yet accessible, ‘Sunlight’ combines the rugged elements of dubstep with the energetic power of the hardcore rock acts that the band grew up on. A rather good description, as Modestep not only risk blending two very seperate genres, but in doing so add a structure and an organic quality to dubstep that has been missing from the genre’s largely repetitive and chaotic catalogue.

Thudding, winding bass and razor-sharp synths blend seamlessly with pounding live drums and licks of guitar for a busy production, whilst the vocals are simple and catchy, ensuring the audio satisfies the hardcore dubstep fans alongside those of us looking for something with more regularity in the genre. Top all that off with a video of old people going to a rave and generally having shenanigans, and you’ve got an all-round package that’s likely to be a widespread success. Available everywhere on 15th August.

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  • I actually heard this song on the radio last weekend thinking “I need to get hold of this when I get back home” then completely forgot about it. Cheers!

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