Mick Boogie-Rarities and Remixes of A Tribe Called Quest

ATCQ are the ultimate hip-hop summer group. So much so that every summer I find myself creating a ‘Best of a ATCQ’ playlist which I bump over and over. Boogie came through a little late for me with this one, but hopefully not for the rest of you. This is absolutely perfect for casual, laid-back listening and for those of you unfamiliar it’s a superb introduction to those Jazzy signature sounds of A Tribe Called Quest.

“A Tribe Called Quest is one of my favorite groups of all time… in any genre of music. After seeing Michael Rapaport’s amazing documentary on the group, I felt inspired to put together a mix and this is the end result. This is NOT a greatest hits mix. This mix is for the true Tribe fans only… the die-hards who know every lyric and remember every interlude. I thought it would be cool to basically create the “lost” Tribe album… with all the rare songs, demos, limited-edition remixes, and collaborations you may have missed over the years. I hope when you enjoy this as much as I do, and hear some things you have never heard before.”

Listen and download for free here.

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