Mac Miller Announces Debut Album Title

Rostrum Records is proud to announce the debut album from Mac Miller entitled “Blue Slide Park” which will be released this Fall. Since signing with Rostrum Records in 2010, Mac has released two classic mixtapes “K.I.D.S.” and “Best Day Ever” along with a dozen videos. His digitally released EP “On and On and Beyond” has sold over 40,000 copies since being released in March. The 19 year old Pittsburgh prodigy has been hard to miss in 2011, with international media coverage and features, and his “Incredibly Dope Tour” sold out shows nationwide over a 6 month span, as Miller toured both as a headliner and periodically with labelmate Wiz Khalifa. Miller’s videos have gone viral with over 85 million views worldwide on his personal Youtube channel and now significant airplay on MTV, FUSE, and BET.

I won’t lie, this video is pretty different. It mostly involves Mac Miller shouting random words/noises and generally being a little mental, and in the midst of the madness he reveals his album title to be Blue Slide Park. Some of his recent material has been solid, and whilst this video serves to prove he’s somewhat unusual away from the mic, his album will certainly be highly anticipated regardless.

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