Lucy Love-Thunder Video

My first exposure to Lucy Love’s music (shouts to Sam), and I’m massively impressed. I’m told ‘the MC is already a superstar in her native country‘, and with pulsating, energetic tracks like this it’s only a matter of time before that appeal is considerably more universal.

The production is fantastic, being almost divided into two entirely seperate sections, each fusing together influences from dance, dubstep, alternative and hip-hop. The track opens with a set of dark synths and haunting vocals that are soon joined by a pounding percussion and thudding bassline, suggesting the song will remain as a slow paced head-nodder. Instead however, the ‘second act’ arrives with high-tempo percussion and synths/bass boasting a heavy British influence, with the two combining to take the dark vibe of the synths and vocals and infusing them with a powerful intensity and energy.

The video serves to enhance that moody, uneasy atmosphere, with a somewhat eerie storyline being cleverly shot in a dim, hazy light that makes for unusual and extremely well-produced viewing. Fantastic track, and will be available here on August 8th.

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