Lil B-I Hate Myself

I’ve had Lil B’s controversially-titled I’m Gay (I’m Happy) on repeat since he dropped it for poor folk on his Twitter last week (Link down now but it was enough to grant myself the go ahead to post this). From an artist I knew literally nothing about I went into this project with an open mind which, as is often unavoidable in music, apparently obscured some people’s judgements.

It’s produced absolutely brilliantly and although I’ve got a few remixes hit my inbox today, I’m inclined to post the highlight track from the album which showcases that deep and introspective tip which ‘The Based God’ attempts to capture. And the strange thing is about this album is there are no gimmicks, no pop songs just pure, attempted honestly throughout. Sure he’s far from the next coming of Nas, but the album is worth a listen. I guarantee you’ll be surprised.

Lil B-I Hate Myself

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