Jhene Aiko-Stranger Video

It’s nice to finally get some visuals from Jhene’s sailing soul(s) album/mixtape, and as one of R&B’s more talented rising stars, this will certainly do her cause no harm.

The track is mellow with a slightly dark vibe that adds a little depth and diversity, enhancing the atmosphere created by both the uneasy production and Jhene’s solid vocal work. Verses are strong with nice bursts of emotion emanating from the otherwise relaxing vocals, whilst the hook is very enjoyable with its elongated melodies and synergy with the production.

The video fits in very well with the mellow yet troubled audio, particularly the grainy and dim filming style which injects a disquieting, unstable texture into otherwise regular, positive scenery (beaches, nature etc.). Enjoyable watch and listen, and be sure to grab the album/mixtape for free here.

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