Hoodie Allen-The Chase Is On Video

The premise behind “The Chase Is On” is something everybody can relate to. If you’ve ever spotted someone and been instantly attracted to them then you know what I’m talking about. Playing opposite of me in the video is the very talented Sofia Black D’Elia (MTV’s Skins). She alone makes the video worth watching…but like the song is also really good so that’s cool too.

Someone that’ll likely be new to many of you, Hoodie Allen seems to be garnering quite a solid fanbase and certainly looks to have the potential to be a breakout star this year.

The production blends together positive, upbeat synths with a thick head-nodding percussion, bringing a bright, summery feel alongside a solid hip-hop sensibility. The raps are certainly accessible to a mainstream audience, with odd flashes of skill that suggest there could be a little more depth to his ability waiting to cut loose, whilst the catchy hook rounds the song off well. A feelgood anthem that will be enjoyed by the casual hip-hop fans. The audio is available here, and on US iTunes for the American readers.

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