Hoodie Allen-Leap Year (Mixtape)

Today is probably the most exciting and fulfilling moment of my musical career. I am proud to announce the release of my free mixtape Leap Year. I began writing Leap Year when I decided to leave my job at Google and follow my passion. The thirteen track album is a look into my world and what it means to step out of your comfort zone. I wanted Leap Year to mirror my life and experiences–it’s fun, crazy, sarcastic, and introspective– its me growing up on record.

As mentioned a few days ago, Hoodie’s certainly one to look out for this year and I fully expect this to be a breakout project for the upcoming rapper. There’s an accessibility to his sound that makes him very friendly to casual and mainstream listeners, and he has the intelligence and potential to be a good rapper in addition to that. Get on the bandwagon early and grab the mixtape (for free) at Hoodie’s place below.

Hoodie Allen-Leap Year

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