Game-Uncle Otis

There’s a new Game album on the horizon, and that can only mean one thing: he’s releasing pointless diss tracks to try and get his profile back up to a reasonable level. It used to work, but will it this time?

The answer is no. As opposed to focusing his rage on one target, Game seems to share the venom across pretty much anyone with any sort of buzz right now, from Frank Ocean to Kreayshawn, and the now-customary Game shots at Jay-Z. If the raps were anything new or remarkable, it would be perfectly acceptable as a hip-hop track, but it’s another case of relying on name drops to carry the song along with some poor parodies and impressions (though his Rick Ross one isn’t too bad!). Worth a listen for a laugh more than anything. Click below for the track, and click here to read Game’s ‘explanation’ in an XXL interview.

Game-Uncle Otis

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