Game and Chris Brown-Pot of Gold Video

For all the recent criticism of Game’s poorly-judged swipe at many of today’s ‘buzzing’ artists, there’s no denying that this is a very enjoyable song that offers him the chance to penetrate the mainstream once more.

The video blends together a personal aspect with the usual Westcoast scenes, as we’re shown childhood images of Game and clips involving his own children, alongside cars with excessive suspensions and a relatively imposing posse of Game’s friends hanging around on his lawn. Throw in a short clip of Chris Brown’s gravity-defying stunts/dancing, and you’ve got a little bit of everything. A fairly simple all-round premise, and rightfully so as it focuses on the natural power and energy of the audio and enhances it suitably.

Enjoyable all-rounder, and is available on iTunes now. Click here to read the previous audio review.

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