Ed Sheeran-You Need Me, I Don't Need You [Video]

The newest single from Ed Sheeran gets the video treatment, and it’s for a track I’ve been a big fan of for quite a while (has certainly circulated my car playlists for most of this year!). It first appeared on his superb You Need Me EP and he performed it live to great effect, which saw the audio feature on his last free EP, One Take. Admittedly, when I first saw the tracklist for his upcoming début album I was a little concerned that it perhaps features a few too many tracks we’ve already heard from his EPs, but when you play this video you’ll be as surprised as I was when you hear how switched up it is. The production has been touched up, the beat sped up, new lyrics added and the video itself features some very interesting choreography!

If you haven’t heard this song before then I assure you, you’re in for a treat. Ed Sheeran’s début album, + (Plus), is in stores 12th of September. Click here to pre-order from iTunes now.

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