DoomStarks (MF Doom and Ghostface Killah)-Victory Laps

I don’t normally do this as it’s lazy journalism, and if there’s such a thing I’m sure it’s internet plagiarism too, but this is a brilliantly accurate review which perfectly mirrors my views. Props to The Fader for this.

“Under the clunkily mash-upped moniker DoomStarks, “Victory Laps” originally dropped a few weeks ago on a dead format in a tiny coffin. A lo-fi rip of Madvillain’s “Victory Laps” remix followed shortly thereafter. Today the original hits the internet. It sounds like one would expect it to and exactly what it probably was—two great rappers rapping into protools hundreds of miles away from each other with just enough effort enough to satiate their very loyal fans. The CDQ version hits iTunes tonight. Pre-order now and sell it on eBay to an overenthusiastic European fan who wears a metal mask to his telemarketing job later.”
DoomStarks-Victory Laps 

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