Devlin, Yasmin, Ed Sheeran & Griminal-Young Guns

Been really looking forward to this ever since I spied murmurings between these artists on Twitter several months ago! Amidst rumours that these guys will be bringing us some sort of EP/album (I say rumours as I can’t remember if I actually read about this or whether I’ve just made that up in my head!) this collaboration was finally premièred earlier on BBC 1xtra Mista Jam. Just a radio rip that you can listen to on the left here for now, but a video has been made for this (by the director Carly Cussen, who brought us the Pow 2011 video), so look out for that very soon.

As for the song itself, is there really much to talk about? Liked Ed Sheeran’s Collaborations EP? You’ll like this. Like Yasmin’s vocals? You’ll like this. Like Griminal’s and Devlin’s raps? Yeah you get the point. With this single due for release later this month, expect a barrage of promotion coming your way from four very talented and acclaimed UK artists.

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4 comments to Devlin, Yasmin, Ed Sheeran & Griminal-Young Guns

  • EGB

    Ed and Dev did their verses from this ages ago on SBTV, and Ed even did a bit of Grim’s verse.
    Still good to hear it all together though.

  • Good spot, I didn’t notice that! Ed and Devs did the same with their track on Ed’s Collaborations EP, took a lot of the lyrics from that famous backstage ‘freestyle’ session that’s on Youtube.

  • Chris

    Yasmin is rather fun too look at. Sigh…

  • Jerry Muzu

    Hi Guys

    Here at Muzu TV we absolutely LOVE Ed Sheeran’s track “You need me, I don’t need you”!! It’s a really great song!! Check out this LIVE version of the track Right Here!! . What do you guys think of it?!

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    Happy Watching!

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