Dan Kent-Music 2000 [EP]

Today finally sees the release of the much anticipated début EP from producer Dan Kent. Music 2000 contains 13 addictive instrumentals for your ears to overdose on, and if you recall, we posted one of the tracks from this a little while back, History Of Pain, which is a great indicator towards of how good the EP is.

Having given it a quick listen I can verify that the quality is backed up by tracks such as L.I.A.A, Mr Cool Ice, Man On Fire, Dry Mouth and Kriminal, and you really can’t go wrong by acquiring this EP (for free no less!) over at ukrapmusic.com. With a mixtape from Dan Kent containing some of his (and your!) favourite UK hip-hop and grime artists to follow soon, those of you who’re into the UK scene are in for a treat.

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