Context MC-Listening to Burial [Cinematic Remix]

“Cinematic keep up the quality control with this remix, retaining the soulful vibe of the original while adding tight percussion and a deep sliding bass line. This collaboration between Context MC and Cinematic looks set to be an anthemic addition to the summer. It was uploaded to Drum and Bass powerhouse UKF last week, and earned over 35,000 hits in its first day! The remix has also been supported by MTV!”

Loved the original to this, which has been supported heavily by BBC Radio1 and BBC Radio 1xtra. A tale of walking home after a night out, the original which was produced by Slof Man and is a slow and very reflective track, so it’s interesting to hear this Drum & Bass twist to it. Rather skilfully, it still manages to capture the reflective vibe as well as being something you could listen to in a club, offering the best of both worlds. Top stuff.

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