Common and Nas-Ghetto Dreams

Imagine my sheer joy at waking up this morning afternoon and finding not only the first single from Common’s upcoming The Dreamer, The Believer album had surfaced, but also the much-anticipated collaboration between two of the all-time greats (both are nestled comfortably in my top 5).

A rugged, throwback production is served up by the incomparable No I.D., boasting a hypnotic boom-bap percussion along with a lively yet smooth sample on the melody, combining for a real head-nodder of a beat that makes no secret of its 90s roots. The structure of the song is clearly anchored around the superb verses from both MCs, with Common bringing some well-delivered raps about his ‘Cinderella’, whilst Nas moves from a general ‘dimes’ subject to his own ‘African Queen’ in an energetic verse. Both certainly bring the goods, as does No I.D., and this is frankly unmissable for the hip-hop fans. UPDATE (6th July): Available to buy on iTunes right now for US fans!

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