Chi Knox-Love Of The Game (Prod. Soul Theory)

A little bit of catch-up for me after what has been a rather slow week for hip-hop.

Here we’ve got some material from Chi Knox, with Soul Theory behind the boards on this one. With the recent work Soul put in with Knowledge Medina we know that ‘feel’ that the production work comes with. I’ve not heard of the group M-Diesel, but knowing Reks forms one third of the trio then I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground for any upcoming material. Hit the left for a listen.

“Studio 643 presents “Love Of The Game”, the brand new single from Boston-bred rap artist Chi Knox, one third of the rap group M-Diesel, along with east-coast veteran Reks and up-and-comer Lucky Dice. 

“I represent for the underdogs, for the ones that want change in they life.”, says Chi Knox. “For the ones that want something different than the typical bullshit out here, we bringing that hip hop shit back.”

“Love Of The Game” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Soul Theory.”


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