Cee-Lo Green and Wiz Khalifa-Bright Lights, Bigger City Remix Video

When the original version of this track was released, it was undeniably a great listen and whilst it’s been hideously overplayed since, this video certainly offers a welcome refresh of the song.

This remix was originally premiered in a lyric video a few months back, whilst the original video was released months prior to that. This video is essentially the same as the original, with lots of bright cityscapes and nighttime scenery, though there are a few extra espionage-style scenes thrown in to this version. Of course, the Wiz appearance is a new addition too, though it’s done fairly unremarkably with his section being rather generic and somewhat uninspired. Can’t fault his actual verse too much though, as whilst it’s nothing groundbreaking, it slides onto the tricky production well enough. Worth a watch if you’re a fan of the original.

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