Blink-182-Up All Night

When the release of this track was announced, I expected my review to be anything but subjective. I’m a massive Blink fan, and the release of their first new material in 8 years (!) is something I was always going to meet with overwhelming positivity, hence I felt it would just become a love-in. Thankfully though, any praise I do give is absolutely warranted here, as they’ve come through with a very enjoyable track from their upcoming Neighborhoods album.

Up All Night blends together the jagged, heavier instrumentation found on the Box Car Racer album (and in parts on the last Blink album) with the melodic sensibility of Tom DeLonge’s work as part of Angels and Airwaves, the catchy, anthemic hook in particular being reminiscent of Tom’s better work with AVA, whilst the Box Car-esque punchy guitar and pulsating drum work add a powerful intensity and addictive energy. The result is a successful synergy of styles that lives up to Travis’ billing of this being a ‘logical step-forward’, and should satisfy large chunks of their fanbas by virtue of drawing on multiple influences. Inevitably, it will be compared to more ‘accessible’ singles from previous albums, but it’s a song that certainly grows in stature with each listen and crucially it feels as musically watertight as any of their previous material. Grab a listen below. EDIT: Buy the single here! (A demand, not a recommendation).

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