Alpines-Cocoon Video

Really enjoyed the last track we heard from Alpines, and the very enjoyable Cocoon certainly maintains the momentum created by Ice and Arrows (and the various remixes!).

A rousing effort from start to finish, the captivating vocals anchor the track superbly, with busy synths and light percussion weaving their way around that hypnotising voice to create an organic, engulfing atmosphere. The bright yet plain colour scheme in the video bravely removes focus away from the background, costumes and so forth, instead placing it firmly on the duality and progressive unravelling of the Alpines vocalist as she evolves from plain, still and emotionless into a dressed-up, busy and active character. It matches the progression of the audio very well, and is a simple yet artistic representation of what is fundamentally an excellent, well-rounded piece of alternative music.

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2 comments to Alpines-Cocoon Video

  • Ephraim Zimbalist

    THAT is a nice piece of writing. And it’s incisive and insightful, too. What a refreshing change to come across something like this.

    Oh, and it goes without saying that I’m a big Alpines fan, or I wouldn’t be here.

  • Thanks Ephraim, that’s appreciated!

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