Yelawolf-Daddy's Lambo Video

Solid enough video for one of Yela’s more popular efforts. The track itself makes for enjoyable listening with its relative simplicity, and the video follows suit with a fun, easy to watch effort that boosts the mental imagery of the track.

Yela’s relatively lighthearted, confident raps come packed into a range of flows here, though it’s his undoubted ability with those high-paced deliveries that really stands out here, with those high-speed bursts making for impressive and entertaining listening. The video plays on the lyrics well enough, centering around a Lamborghini (surprised?) and general shenanigans with the lady of his choice. Builds nicely to a slightly more serious, energetic finish from Yela who cuts loose and shows some of his charisma. Not an artistic masterpiece, though it would have been rarther odd had they gone in that direction with this subject matter, and hence this seems the right sort of video for this track.

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