XV-30,000 Feet Up In The Sky

XV has quite the growing fanbase, and having reached 30,000 followers on Twitter, XV let this cut loose to commemorate that particular milestone.

One key facet of Vizzy’s appeal to date is the sheer diversity of his music, with the unpredictable beat selection making for interesting and exciting listening. This is no exception, as he blends together a bassy dub-influence with a soulful vocal sample to provide a very addictive production, combining the intensity of the pulsating bass hits with the airy vibe of the vocal sample for a well-rounded backdrop. His raps are solid as ever, with some memorable lines (particularly liked ‘my label is asking for hits I’m thinkin’ I’m steadily bringing up kilos‘) switching up his flows regularly and riding this tricky beat comfortably. Another decent effort from XV as he keeps fans on their toes once more with that unpredictable style.

XV-30,000 Feet Up In The Sky

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