Tyler, The Creator-She ft. Frank Ocean [Video]

I actually deleted half of Tyler’s overhyped Goblin. Maybe I didn’t get it? I figured he’s clearly a talented individual (his videography demonstrates his creativity extends beyond purely audio) but with several lazily produced tracks and interludes on Goblin I hope someone can harness this innovation into something more ‘complete’ for his next project, Wolf in 2012.

This video is the best thing about the song (one which didn’t remain on my Hitachi). Tyler, credited as director for the visuals here, crafts a comical yet in-depth story to compliment the lyrics and each verse is portrayed with three very differing scenes allowing Tyler to display his alter-ego Wolf Hayley on numerous occasions. What’s also interesting to note on this is the obvious increased budget the OFWGKTA frontman is afforded here. Let’s see what he comes up with next.

Side note: I hear recently he’s also going to appear on Game’s R.E.D. Make of that what you will.

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3 comments to Tyler, The Creator-She ft. Frank Ocean [Video]

  • EGB

    The more I listen to OFWGKTA, the less I like them. I’m supposed to be seeing them live in July, and I’m not sure I want to any more. Earl was the best thing about them in my humble. Some of their tracks sound like a load of kids got drunk and tried freestyling.

  • Bet they do a cracking live performance though!

  • This is my favourite track on the album! Frank Ocean kills the hook.

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