Tracks From Lloyd Banks' Cancelled Cold Corner 2 Mixtape

This picture represents Banks turning his back on what he’s good at: the mixtape scene. I’m talking specifically about cancelling his Cold Corner 2 project in favour of another subpar album. I know I’m a little late on this, but it’s hard scrutinizing every tweet of each emcee you follow. Trust me, I feel just as cheated as you. I had been ignoring the following four tracks as they dropped earlier (around April/May) this year as I often do with projects I want to keep fresh from start to finish. Anyway, Banks comes heavy on each joint as he always does with his mixtape material and recaptures that gritty sound which went a little missing on HFM2. Getting To It Mandatory is gutter.

Getting To It Mandatory
Spread My Wings
Money Chase ft. Fabolous

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