The Weeknd-The Birds (Part 1)

Brand new material from the very talented The Weeknd, with a track believed to be from his upcoming Thursday project. Undoubtedly, the buzz is really gathering steam for this newcomer, and it’s nice to see him come through with more good material here.

Considerably more uptempo and busy than his work on House of Balloons, the production boasts a marching band-style percussion that brings a great deal of energy and drive to the track, potentially an indicator that his next body of work will be a departure from the ambient stylings of his first. The vocals are very enjoyable once again, with his distinctive and engaging voice etching itself on your music memory with each line, particularly his hook line of ‘don’t make me make you fall in love’, which will ring around your head for days. Hugely enjoyable material, and good to see he can take to a different style with the same skill and quality he did with his atmospheric, wintery work on House of Balloons.

The Weeknd-The Birds (Part 1)

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