The Lonely Island-We'll Kill U

Not only are these guys back with a new funny, but it also marks the return of the We Like Sportz/Just Two Guyz duo, who are frankly brilliant. This ‘sequel’ is exactly in keeping with the previous two videos: it ramps things up a notch from its predecessor, and has bundles of the ridiculous awkwardness that makes this duo so entertaining.

It’s probably not quite at the level of the classic We Like Sportz, but gives it a pretty good go and as with most of their videos, it’s still good for a few laughs. A notable moment is definitely the popular hip-hop quote at the end (I won’t ruin it), which will definitely draw a smile out of you. Turtleneck and Chain available now!

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1 comment to The Lonely Island-We’ll Kill U

  • Chris

    I love these two. Just spent the past few minutes watching this, Just 2 Guyz, and We Like Sports.

    They’re amazing.

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