Supa Dupa Fly @ Jazz Café [Event Review]

You may have seen us preview these events and wonder if they’re worth going to: Wonder no more, as we checked out their last event, and can confirm they warrant checking out.

Arriving to a buzzing, somewhat extensive queue (which let us know we were probably in for something good!), it turned out the Jazz Café bouncers were not used to dealing with such an enormous turnout. Confusion ensued, but thankfully everything was settled! Making our way to the OTU table (shouts to Shaun for hooking us up), we soaked in the atmosphere provided by an energetic set from Rizzle Kicks, and found ourselves entertained whilst waiting in the surprisingly short bar queues. The classic hip-hop started flowing shortly afterwards, and it’s fair to say we were delighted to hear some of hip-hop’s greatest ever tracks being played one after the other, from Big Poppa, Do For Love, 93 till’ Infinity to Doo Wop and more. We were even treated to a few from the 2000′s, which might not stick with the advertised theme, but made for a welcome rule break with crowd-pleasers such as Dirt Off Your Shoulder. All in all a great night, and we’d highly recommend the next Supa Dupa Fly event on Saturday 4th June: you can find out more details by clicking right here.

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