Re:Definition 2011 @ The Hackney Empire - Thursday 7th July

Year after year, RE:DEFINITION successfully aims to tell the tale of an area that lies at the crossroads where old values meet new ideals. Last summer’s presentation was a genre-blurring live concept album which brought together some of the biggest names in urban music, as part of the Create11. This year, Urban Development have teamed up with the Barbican and Create11 to present you with a collective of musicians, emcees, vocalists, actors and dancers on July 7th at The Hackney Empire.

Fusing live performance, multi-media and theatre on a journey that encompasses love, conflict, tradition and aspirations in east London, performers are KANO, GHETTS, TALAY RILEY, ROXXXAN, DONAEO, JAY NORTON, SELAH, SCRUFIZZER, MIKE HOUGH, MPHO, LOVELLE, MIKILL PANE, LADY CHANN and ABEL MILLER. Each artist’s tracks and lyrics will form the story that is RE:Definition.

With visuals coming from music video director and producer JAK FRSH, who’s worked with Wiley and Tinie Tempah amongst others, it’s back over to MATTHEW ‘EXCALIBAH’ XIA to direct the show. Visit or for tickets.

Be smart and support not only UK music, but the depth of creativity and originality on show here. If you’re down in the London area, don’t insult your own intelligence-get involved (no, I’m not making a commission!).

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