R&B Throwback: will.i.am-She's A Star

I’ve not been shy in criticising the Black Eyed Peas and will.i.am’s work in recent years, but credit has to be given to his superb R&B album from back in 2007. It was certainly one of my favourite R&B albums of that year (and still stands up favourably against today’s offerings), and whilst this track was certainly one of my favourites, I never actually realised a video was released until stumbling across it in director Nabil Elderkin’s back catalogue.

The track boasts a powerful atmosphere with moody synths and simple yet sharp percussion that backs those synths nicely, creating an airy production with a wistful quality. Will’s vocals were never going to win any awards, but they’re catchy in their simplicity, and his melodies are very much on point, particularly in the soft hook.

The video is suitably unfussy, taking place on a dark, dimly light beach that really adds to the thoughtful, isolated tone of the track, whilst the monochrome filter further enhances that feel. The flashes of light are a decent, if slightly overused, touch, and add a little diversity to the visual, making for a decent all-round video that supplements the audio nicely. R&B fans need to check out that album for a few more gems of this ilk.

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