Patrick Stump and Lupe Fiasco-This City

Chicago natives Stump and Lupe collaborate once again (forgot the first time? Click here), this time dedicating an uplifting anthem to their home city from Stump’s upcoming Soul Punk album.

Decent enough track too, blending together elements of pop, alternative and R&B for a bright, positive track with a potentially huge mainstream appeal. The vocals are as captivating and catchy as ever from Patrick, with a heavy Michael Jackson influence evident in his opening verse, and though the lyrics aren’t anything spectacular for a man of Stump’s ability, it’s clearly a chart-targeted track which reduces the need for over-complication. Whilst Lupe will inevitably be criticised for being featured on a ‘pop’ track given the heavy backlash of his very poppy Lasers album, his contribution isn’t bad at all, coming through on a speedy flow with decent lyrical content to provide a reminder of what he does have in his locker.

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