Mr. J. Medeiros and Stro-Neon Signs

As Murray put it recently, we get sent so much material on a daily basis it’s almost impossible to listen to everything. Having said that, of the batch I got through recently this track stood head and shoulders above the rest as a demonstration on how to make a brilliantly rounded song.

Medeiros is a ‘Conscious MC, producer, activist and singer, best known for his work with The Procussions, a jazz influenced hip-hop trio who released albums with Rawkus Records‘, and here he displays his eclecticism with a smooth set of raps, over a fusion production that boasts live drums underneath atmospheric, ‘night-pop’ synths that contrast superbly with the sharp percussion. Stro comes through with a powerful hook, boasting a heavy soul influence and finishing this song off with considerable style and quality. A mellow hip-hop track with an edginess that makes this very addictive listening. Be sure to check this one out, a very well-rounded effort.

Mr. J. Medeiros-Neon Signs ft. Stro

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