Money Making Jam Boys-Tear It Down [Video]

The hip-hop collective spearheaded by The Root’s Black Thought drop the latest set of visuals from their February released mixtape The Prestige.

I actually wasn’t much of a fan of the first drop Day Job but I’m really feeling this joint and as you all know with me, I’m a massive fan of black and white when it comes to hip-hop anything really. The visuals here remind me of how the BET Cyphers are filmed (to the extent that I went back to watch them all, in particular 2009′s with Thought, Mos Def and Em) which are of course based around free-styling at it’s purest form on the street corner.

If you haven’t already then pick up the mixtape for free here. That’s if you can see through all these red hyperlinks. Woah.


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