Mikill Pane-Summer In The City Video

Clever move from a very intelligent MC. Understandably, many of you will be unfamiliar with most of Pane’s work outside of the Ed Sheeran feature and his recent Party Animal remix (though not for long…watch this space!), and those two tracks would probably lead you to believe he’s a somewhat ‘serious’, negatively-inspired rapper. This track quite simply flips that notion on its head with a feelgood, nod-your-head vibe that not only displays Mikill’s adaptability on the mic, but also his versatility in all-round song making.

Backed by a bouncy Jake Gosling production, Pane uses his fantastic storytelling style to poke a little fun at the British weather, as well as some witty observations on the typical reactions to those rare glimpses of sun that we all have. The video is a fun, well-produced watch with a little bit of humour, a nice cameo from Ed Sheeran, all alongside a general vibe of realism and positivity that reflects the audio nicely. Worth a watch, listen and even a sniff if you’re feeling really excited.

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