MellowHype-64 Video

I was excited for this release, but for the wrong reasons it turns out: I actually thought the track/video being released was the song 65 Hodgy performed recently in the BBC studios, but it turns out it’s actually a different track with a similar title that’s also set to be on the re-release of Hodgy and Left Brain’s Blackenedwhite album.

64 is a significantly busier, more ominous track than 65, with an infusion of that OFWGKTA energy that wasn’t present (and rightfully so) on the performance of 65 (which I’m still really looking forward to), coming on a style closer to that of Tyler and Hodgy’s popular Sandwitches. It’s a solid atmospheric, dark production with a captivating intensity, and Hodgy comes through with some decent raps, lending credence to the view that he’s the most ‘complete’ rapper currently active in the group (Earl would otherwise take that title).

Interestingly, the video lists Hodgy as the man behind the ‘video concept’, a role Tyler has recieved a lot of credit for in his own videos, and Hodgy also deserves praise here. The unsettling and anarchic vibe of the track is enhanced very effectively with lots of dark, gothic scenery blended with Hodgy’s aggressive, unstable demeanour, and finished off by playing on basic human fears with snakes, coffins and more. It’s one of those tracks that’s definitely meant to be seen and heard simultaneously, and as a result I’m not 100% convinced the audio alone will have a great deal of longevity, but it could grow on me and either way I’ll certainly be giving the video a few watches.

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