Mansions on the Moon-Darkness

I kicked up quite a fuss about these guys some time ago and they’ve returned to the limelight with this rather enjoyable track, expected to be on their upcoming debut album.

It’s still a struggle to categorise their music, not least because of their eclecticism and diversity, and here their style certainly has influences from The xx and Empire of the Sun, fusing the two together into a piece of ‘night-pop’ with a positive tint. The production has a contemplative, reflective feel with a moody synth providing the primary melody in the verses, followed by an upward turn for the hook that incorporates various keys and samples for an effervescent, space-like feel that adds positivity and atmosphere. The whispery vocals have a very relaxing effect, and integrate superbly with the production, creating a mellow all-rounder that will have a very widespread appeal. One of their best tracks to date.

Mansions on the Moon-Darkness

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